Friday, August 14, 2009

What a summer!

This has been quite a summer with some real peeks and valleys. Our son heads off to college in 4 days so the empty nest is surely upon us. His health is still a concern but right now he is doing well.

Got our acceptance letter yesterday for Cider Days in Springfield, Sept. 19 & 20. This is an excellent outdoor venue. Lots of exhibitors, a few 'craftsy' folks but mostly some nice art. It is a daytime show so if you are in the Springfield area please stop by. Historic Walnut Street is such a beautiful street, great homes.

We have some other great shows up ahead. We have a one day show in Naperville, Il. in August, Junior League show in Des Moines, Denver, Tulsa and waiting to hear back on Memphis. All and all we will stay very busy.

I have over 275 Halloween charms right now and my goal is 500 so while it is 90 degrees outside, inside we have it a bit cooler with the fall charms, just puts you in a great state of mind.

Enjoy the rest of summer.

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