Thursday, July 26, 2012

What time of year is it?

I now understand how people working in home decor and fashion magazines get confused with what time of year it is. Today is July 26th and I am applying for a show in 2013. We have been working feverishly on Halloween and Christmas charms so I am totally confused. Not having a child in elementary school anymore also adds to my total lack of knowing when it is. I am always in the market for suggestions of things you would like to see in the charm business so fee free to email me anytime  Our next show is August 31-Septemer 2, 2012 in Sioux City, IA. Looking very forward to it. Iowans are wonderful people.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Finally back after more than a year

Can you believe it has been way over a year since I have posted anything on my blog? I would like to say I have been loaded down with work and we have been busy but I think technology has just gotten the better of me. I decided today to begin again. First off, we are doing a lot more shows this year and hope to add a few new ones for 2013. If you know of the perfect place or show, please email me back at  Our next is in De Soto, Ks which is near Lawrence for all you KU fans. It is at The Barn at Zimmerman's Farm at Kill Creek and K-10. Hours are Friday 7/13 from 6pm to 9pm, Saturday 10am to 8pm and Sunday 12N to 5pm. Live music during all of those hours and some pretty fine artists will be there along with food and beverage. The event is called Sunflower Artfest and we are looking forward to it. Lots of sunflower charms, KU charms and lots of other cool stuff we have been working on all year. Of course a nice selection of  Halloween.
I will try to post a bit more often as I have had so many ask if we keep a blog to which I laugh but now I can actually say "why yes we do"...
I also will start listing some Halloween charms and other themes on Etsy. It is so dang hot thought for those who are not going out, they might do some shopping on Etsy.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What's new?

I am terrible at keeping up with the blogs, filling orders, working on new creations but thought I would just sit down and tell you 2010 will be a great year for Two Charming Chix. We have applied for several shows in the fall, even one in Springfield in May (keep your fingers crossed) and we have so much new art I am just so excited about it.

Once we get a nice inventory going we will begin listing on etsy. Our site on etsy is but nothing is shown for sale at this time.

As always have a charming day,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Living on Tulsa time

We are headed out tomorrow morning for Tulsa for the Junior League's Holiday Mart. This is my first experience with the Holiday Mart in Tulsa but not my first experience with Tulsa. It is a beautiful city and I look forward to seeing it again after so many years.

Some wonderful creations to offer. Of course plenty of Halloween and also some great Christmas, two of my favorite holidays, probably the weather is a part of it.

Right after Tulsa we are headed back to Denver for the Junior League's Holiday show. Can't wait, Denver was such a warm and inviting bunch of people in May, I know it will be the same.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend behind, weekend ahead

What an outstanding weekend I just had. Went to see our son at MU and enjoy the MU/Bowling Green game. Excellent time and great to see Mitch is taking care of himself and loving Columbia. I see why, it is a great town, I have my favorite house already picked out!

Next weekend September 19 & 20 we are headed to Springfield, Mo. (another great town) and we will be in booth 5 at Cider Days on Historic Walnut Street. We will have lots of great charms, especially Halloween. If you don't get a chance to go to the event, stop by The Persimmon Tree in Ozark. Marilyn and Linda have a great selection of charms and lots of gifts and home decor.

Don't you love fall?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Upcoming Show - Springfield, Mo

I am very excited to be exhibiting again in Springfield, Mo at Cider Days on Historic Walnut Street. This will be my third year and the people in SW Missouri are wonderful. Always a great crowd, very friendly and the day just flies by. It is wonderful to be outside (even under a tent) with crisp fall weather all around and of course having lunch at Ebbet's Field is pretty terrific too.

This year I will have a much larger selection of Halloween charms and something new, round charms. The glass on the round charms comes from Germany and the feel of it is great.

I hope if you are in the area that you come by and see us. Do not have location assignment yet but it is worth walking the entire 2 blocks. The homes behind all of us exhibitors are fabulous. Might have to take that camera of mine along.

Friday, August 14, 2009

What a summer!

This has been quite a summer with some real peeks and valleys. Our son heads off to college in 4 days so the empty nest is surely upon us. His health is still a concern but right now he is doing well.

Got our acceptance letter yesterday for Cider Days in Springfield, Sept. 19 & 20. This is an excellent outdoor venue. Lots of exhibitors, a few 'craftsy' folks but mostly some nice art. It is a daytime show so if you are in the Springfield area please stop by. Historic Walnut Street is such a beautiful street, great homes.

We have some other great shows up ahead. We have a one day show in Naperville, Il. in August, Junior League show in Des Moines, Denver, Tulsa and waiting to hear back on Memphis. All and all we will stay very busy.

I have over 275 Halloween charms right now and my goal is 500 so while it is 90 degrees outside, inside we have it a bit cooler with the fall charms, just puts you in a great state of mind.

Enjoy the rest of summer.